At Swiss Life Asset Managers, we are planning, developing and building real estate today that needs to meet the needs of tomorrow’s generation and beyond. Every site and every building is an important piece of the puzzle and a link in a well-functioning city. But what does the city of the future have to offer to ensure it doesn’t neglect the needs of its users?

In our view, urban spaces must fulfil the following aspects in addition to their core function as a place to live and work: They function as meeting places with short distances and a high-quality feel, where community is not only possible but also experienced, and where sustainability takes place at all conceivable levels. We find answers to the questions and challenges of our time in district development.

Modern districts, which are made up of different types of space, offer a high degree of urban living and many synergies between the individual neighbours – be they companies or residents. This means they are not only an important factor in sustainable urban development, but also a sought-after, self-diversified asset class that receives rental income from a wide range of sources.

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Our job as an investor, project developer and asset manager is always to think not only about the needs of the target groups, but also to consider what already exists. We see urban development in general – and district development in particular –as a dynamic process that can never be fully completed, and must enable participation. This is the only way we can create places for the future that are connected, digital, sustainable and service-oriented.”

Swiss Life Asset Managers Germany and BEOS AG have been developing versatile commercial, residential and mixed-use districts in growth cities in Germany for many years. In the process, unused areas are transformed into valuable living space for individuals and families, and new working environments. Numerous companies, cities and municipalities rely on our expertise and creativity. From district planning to the infrastructure of the projects – we invest a great deal to enable you to participate in this promising investment segment. That’s our commitment to more self-determination at all customer levels.

Selected district development projects


West of the city centre, on the northern bank of the Main, Frankfurt’s largest mixed commercial and industrial district is being built in a location with tradition and history: FRANKFURT WESTSIDE. Where the Griesheim industrial park was once hidden behind several hundred metres of wall, we are reaching new heights with the highest sustainability standards – for the working world of tomorrow.

To this end, we are already opening up the site during the construction phase, connecting it with the neighbourhood and creating a visionary piece of the city on around 73 hectares that offers customised spaces, rooms and solutions for a wide range of companies – whether a traditional medium-sized enterprise, a large international expansion, or a modern startup.

D.STRICT Grundriss

D.STRICT Düsseldorf

“D.STRICT” will create an urban district in a prime location to the east of Düsseldorf’s city centre combining living and working with restaurants, retail and local recreation facilities. Around 1500 new apartments will be built here from 2026. With a commercial component of 25%, the innovative concept envisages a vibrant new district with a modern mix of uses. Public open spaces, a daycare centre, a primary school and age-appropriate housing and care facilities are also part of the planning.

Over the next few years, a versatile urban district will be created in Düsseldorf-Flingern on a site of over 73 000 square metres. In addition to its lively mix, the future viability of the new district at all levels is an important component of the planning process. Environmental and climate protection, as well as social criteria, are just as essential as mobility, sharing, digitalisation and sustainable energy concepts. Both DGNB and WiredScore certificates with at least gold standard are being sought for the project.

Hamburg Bergedorf

Weidenbaumsweg, Hamburg-Bergedorf district development

Over the next few years, a modern new-build district with social facilities will be built on a former commercial site on Weidenbaumsweg in Hamburg-Bergedorf. According to the current planning, the district will comprise around 700 apartments in total. The plans also include a local shopping centre with supermarket and drugstore.

A perimeter block development is also being built along Weidenbaumsweg with publicly subsidised apartments and a daycare centre. The project is thus making an important contribution to the creation of urgently needed housing in Hamburg.

From a former Cologne cable factory to a mixed-use district: the Carlswerk

A law firm next to a climbing hall, a production site next to a theatre stage, a football pitch next to a restaurant: The Carlswerk in Cologne-Mülheim combines a wide range of working and leisure environments on a site of around 126 000 square metres, spread over more than 20 buildings spanning over 100 years of construction. The concepts range from office lofts to factory and storage spaces for commerce, services and production, thus creating a vital and diverse place.

The site used to serve nkt cables as a single-use company and production headquarters before it was gradually converted and opened by BEOS AG. The historic brick buildings and the metre-long pipes are reminiscent of times gone by, while future-oriented users transport the site to the here and now – creating a successful blend of history and modernity.

Welcome aboard the BERLIN DECKS, between the banks of the Spree Canal and Sprengelkiez

On 40 000 square metres of a former Thyssenkrupp site, an innovative commercial and media campus is currently being built right on the waterfront. BERLIN DECKS combines a historic brick building with four new-builds, all of which are connected by a shared promenade deck. This will enable its future users, including the Mercedes Benz subsidiary “MBition” and the Film Academy, to exchange ideas on many different levels in order to create synergies and bring the campus to life.

In addition to its central location and campus concept, the project is characterised by its timber-hybrid construction and green ceramic façade. Coupled with 100% green electricity, BERLIN DECKS therefore also reflects the sustainability requirements of Swiss Life Asset Managers and BEOS.

Viva Agrippina in Cologne

Named after the Mother of Cologne, Empress Agrippina, the “Viva Agrippina” residential quarter is being built on a 25 000 square-metre site in the courthouse district, right next to the Agnes district. Here, historic villas and old buildings are found alongside new bars and trendy restaurants, parks and lots of greenery on lively shopping streets. In addition to 286 new apartments, the new district also includes a daycare centre.

What makes the neighbourhood so charming is right on the doorstep, including everything for the residents’ day-to-day needs from supermarkets to schools to doctors and much more. On the other side, the river bank also offers wide views of the green Rhine Park.

Implementing visions directly: our cooperation with Fraunhofer IAO

Together with Fraunhofer IAO and well over 20 partners from the real estate industry and related sectors, we have set ourselves the goal of bridging the gap between theory and practice in order to actively shape the cities of the future. The “Future District Alliance” innovation network acts as a think- and do-tank for future-oriented district and site developments, and addresses the key challenges of climate protection, digitalisation, flexible uses and new operating and financing models.

By combining scientific expertise, application research and entrepreneurial competence, new solutions and action models for the district and campus developments of tomorrow are jointly developed and implemented directly in practice. In this context, FRANKFURT WESTSIDE serves as a real-world laboratory in which the findings are applied directly.

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