Leading asset manager and provider of diversified, risk-adjusted fixed-income solutions for solid long-term performance

Swiss Life Asset Managers has many years of expertise in asset management, particularly in the fixed-income area. We boost investment performance and create essential added value for our clients through our active, risk-conscious portfolio management:

  • We seize investment opportunities promptly and move quickly to alleviate potential risks.
  • We attach importance to a broad diversification of investments and thus reduce individual risks.
  • We apply strict risk management and have clearly defined responsibilities.
  • We invest responsibly and take environmental, social and ethical criteria into account when selecting securities.

That is how we protect our clients' assets and help them to achieve attractive and stable returns. Our long-term investment horizon enables our customers to look to the future with financial confidence.

Hybrid investment process and holistic portfolio view

Swiss Life Asset Managers applies a hybrid investment process in the fixed-income area, combining a top-down approach that takes account of the economic outlook with bottom-up strategies. The latter includes compiling a portfolio based on individual company valuations. With this approach, we ensure high analysis precision and enable a holistic view of the portfolio.

Our bottom-up analysis allows us to identify the securities with the greatest potential from among the plethora of global instruments. To avoid credit defaults, we resort to fundamental credit analysis. Our experienced competency centre covers several hundred issuers with classic, qualitative credit research. We combine this with our quantitative credit scoring model to take into account the entire global issuer spectrum.

ESG criteria as part of a comprehensive investment philosophy

As the asset manager of a life insurance company, we have made long-term commitments to our customers for over 160 years and accept the associated social responsibility. For this reason, Swiss Life Asset Managers systematically integrates environmental, social and good governance factors – the so-called ESG criteria – into the investment process and risk management of almost 90% of assets under management. When selecting securities, we assess the issuer's ESG performance and its impact on credit quality in addition to classic key financial figures.

Investment Solutions

Investment Solutions replaces the Fund Library to provide you with a comprehensive suite of investment solutions that cater to your unique needs and investment goals. We invite you to explore the new webpage and discover the range of options available to help you achieve your financial aspirations.

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