As a leading investor-developer in logistics real estate, we see it as our responsibility to help lead logistics into a sustainable future. That's why we think about the environmental and social impact of our projects on a local and global level from the outset. This is how we help the users of our properties not only to operate more economically, but also more sustainably.

Location influences CO2 emissions

With our expertise in location planning, we enable retail companies to develop their supply chains sustainably in line with the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) concept. Strategically well-positioned transhipment centres and urban fulfilment centres in metropolitan regions close to consumers minimise the kilometres travelled and thus CO2 emissions. Locations are selected so as to minimise the burden on local transport infrastructure and residents.

Ecologically and socially sustainable construction

Swiss Life Asset Managers applies the strictest criteria in terms of environmental and social sustainability when designing its logistics buildings. This aspiration is reflected in the fact that all the properties we develop receive an external sustainability certificate such as DGNB, LEED or BREEAM. To meet these requirements, we use a wide range of instruments, ranging from the use of sustainable building materials and the standard installation of e-charging stations to the coordinated and optimised use of solar energy and geothermal energy to the establishment of bee colonies on our properties.

Buildings also have a direct impact on the well-being of the people who work in them. And they can influence their environment – both positively and negatively. We take such aspects of social sustainability into account when planning the concept for our logistics properties. Amongst other things, they are used in the interior design, in offers for employees and professional drivers as well as in the design of the façades and the outdoor areas.

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ESG aspects for new logistics constructions at Swiss Life Asset Managers

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Grafik_BEOS Logistics_2023_EN

The sustainability concept for each new logistics property