The Swiss Life Asset Managers’ European Thematic Cities Index helps real estate investors make smart decisions on where to invest. The index indicates which European cities are the most well equipped to handle structural transformation in five key areas. Amsterdam has broken into the upper echelons for the first time, followed by Zurich in third place.

The way we live, work and spend our free time is in a constant state of flux, which has a knock-on effect on how we make use of property. To make their portfolios as resilient as possible, institutional investors need to know which types of property will respond positively to upcoming megatrends. This is where the European Thematic Cities Index (TCI) published by Swiss Life Asset Managers comes in. This data-driven tool compares 135 cities from 28 European countries based on the following factors:

  • Change & Disruption
  • Climate & Environment
  • Communities & Clusters
  • Consumer & Lifestyle
  • Connectivity

The TCI rankings shows which cities are best positioned to take challenges such as globalisation, climate change, digitalisation and demographic shifts in their stride. This gives real estate investors the information they need to assess their current positions and identify new, particularly promising areas in which to invest at an early stage.

This year, London claimed the top spot in the rankings for the third time in a row. The capital of the United Kingdom leads the way in dynamism, networks and cosmopolitan outlook. Having climbed the rankings, Brussels and Cambridge are now in the top ten. Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Basel and Paris all managed to retain their spots among the ten leading cities.

Swiss Life Asset Managers’ European Thematic City Index

The Index is an important research-driven tool that supports long-term real estate investment strategy decisions and adds to the asset managers’ expertise as a leading European real estate investor.

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