The tool provides a standardised overview of the company’s 450 prop-erties and 17 000 different tenants. It enables employees to view up-to-date ESG scores for the assets and generate ESG reports with ease.

The German Innovation Award recognises products and solutions from all industry sectors that set themselves apart from previous solutions, particularly in terms of user-centricity and added value. Swiss Life Asset Managers earned the “Special Mentions” distinction in the “Excellence in Business to Business – Information Technologies” category for its digital sustainability tool “ESG in the cloud”.

ESG transparency thanks to a platform solution

The platform solution, which was developed in-house, enables the automated recording, retrieval and evaluation of sustainability data on real estate, commercial tenants and vehicles. It makes information such as the energy efficiency, consumption data and accessibility of a total of 450 properties and their tenants digitally accessible to all employees.

The transparent merging and preparation of the various data records means that employees are even better equipped to initiate specific measures to optimise sustainability and compare assets. The proprietary tool covers numerous themes relating to environmental and social sustainability as well as sustainable governance.

“Thanks to its valuation logic, our new ESG platform provides us with a comprehensive base of information that is essential for the sustainable management of a real estate portfolio,” says Per Erikson, CEO of Swiss Life Asset Managers in Germany. “It gives our employees the perfect foundation for decision-making in support of active, knowledge-based ESG management. Congratulations to everyone involved in the project for their outstanding work on this innovative tool.”

Digital scoring at the touch of a button

The many valuation options for the different ESG criteria of the various providers are bundled and visible at a glance. The necessary information is managed, prepared, analysed and visualised in the company’s own cloud data warehouse. This makes direct scoring of real estate and commercial tenants possible at the touch of a button – including the properties and tenants of BEOS AG, a subsidiary specialising in corporate real estate. In the digitised database, artificial intelligence is used for automatic document analysis.
Any gaps in information are also immediately visible. In addition, numerous display and filter functions enable specific questions to be answered. Each report page also features an explanatory section, which helps ensure a uniform level of understanding and expertise throughout the company. The company’s employees can also access the tool on their smartphones. They can use the app to update property-related data centrally and easily at any time and create ESG reports.

German Innovation Award

The 2023 German Innovation Award features two main categories: “Excellence in Business to Consumer” and “Excellence in Business to Business”. The jury is composed of independent, interdisciplinary experts from the worlds of technology, digitisation, science and institutions. The “Special Mention” distinction recognises innovations that stand out thanks to sophisticated design aspects, an original approach or clever details.

The award is presented by the German Design Council. Founded by the German Bundestag (parliament) and sponsored by German industry, the German Design Council is committed to promoting the competitiveness of companies. The German Design Council awards have been singling out design, brand and innovation achievements of international significance since 1953.


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