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Head Industrial and Logistics Swiss Life Asset Managers Deutschland

Hendrik Staiger is a member of the Executive Board of Swiss Life Asset Managers Germany and the Board Member of BEOS AG responsible for Corporate Solutions, ESG, Digital Solutions and Risk Management. He also heads the Center of Competence Industrial & Logistics, as which BEOS AG functions within Swiss Life Asset Managers. Hendrik Staiger is also Head Industrial & Logistics at Swiss Life Asset Managers Germany.

Staiger studied physics at the Technical University of Berlin and worked in research until 1997. He then worked in project development for nine years, six of which as managing partner of LINIE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG, which focused on the development and refurbishment of high-quality commercial properties in Berlin.

From 2005 until his appointment to the BEOS board in 2016, Staiger was head of acquisition. Staiger is Chairman of the Board of crenet Deutschland e.V. and regularly gives lectures and talks at the TU Berlin for the Master's degree in Real Estate Management, the University of Wuppertal, the IREBS, the DVFA and the HTW Berlin.

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